The best of my own collection, taken or Photoshopped by me

flag 2
Giraffe ironing
doubt and trust
Domestic Violence
Metaphor 'Death By PowerPoint'
Human evolution microscope
Road swimmer
Unrolling road 2
grenade power station nuclear
London city desertification
Bird plane
Cambodian boy snake
DB11 Aston martin
Darley Moor 20.5.18
side portrait black and white amplifed eye colour
Best shot
Snowie in the snow
sunset 2
flower 1
boat and lake
dolly and the pig
Social construciton of life and reality
over the horizon
deer 1
wife wanted 1
Barn 1 sunset
bridge Pugent
Eviscerated wasp on my office window
cabin woods 1
Dog on bike
car sunrise
seaside town 2
My belov'd and me
Whale tail 1
Biker warlord by DR
boat and lake
cabin woods 1
wing sky 1
McLachlan Hurricane pilot
Misrepresent rock diamond
my camera
Portrait of airshow watcher
Dolly and the gathering storm
Jessie in the hills
small steps bike DR
McDonaldization, globalization
seal 7
ape gorilla human eyes
My GPZ750 Turbo
How society disables people
Jessie ball fling 2
Work colleague portrait
car reflection
Dolly's dreams, these days
UN helicopter Mi24
Dog in park 2
Dolly 13.11.18
Two cows
Viet Nam hills 2
chopper 1 small
Power in decline
RAM memory working
seal 8
Sisyphian lecturing
Two Ducatis
Smoking kills
Michael Vickery 1
Ghost sub and Flight 19
Dog in park
Darley Moor 20.5.18
revamp of olf maxell advert
balance between nature and business
DR birds wall escape
Darley Moor 20.5.18
Dolly adopting mad
Darley Moor 20.5.18
Jessie goal 3
Dolly and I
Jessie basketball
Flat earth
Rural genocide memorial
Jet Provost flight
Time running out
digital evolution
Cambodian amputee 1991
Dolly early on
How science thinks about global warm
EU border migration
Being taught to fly, c.1978
dual coding or dual processing
Wolf in sheep clothing
Elephant picture frame road
Georgie and reindeer
global warming ice cream melt 2 DR own pixabay
Dolly and me by G
Georgie and hummingbird
coffee cup on off
road georgie 2
Regal Dolly
woman 5a
'Fire, walk with me'
Cold war boxing gloves earth planet
Imagining Dolly's feral life
Maid Marion
Freetown, Sierra Leone 2009
unicorn forest
Georgie and the doll house
Georgie and the sky-whale dream
Man 1
Bridge and G.
Georgie and the Red Arrows
Sleeping beauty
photographer 1
Tomcat deck launch and bike me
Georgie and the giant tiger
woman 3
harvey 12d
bikes and Russler
sad pug
Georgie and Harvey smile 2
gold at the end of the rainbow
Georgie graffiti art nouveau
Dog in the park 2
Nuclear phallacy?
Sex work and phallocentricity
Snowie Roberts
alien queen minted
Dolly 16.10.16b
Transformation morph
umbrella text smaller
Falling piano
Dolly at play
abortion state sponsored infanticide teddy bear v3
Dog in the park 1
dinosaur baseball
Dolly week 31
abortion/state sponsored infanticide
giant skull discovery
Stoppie 1
Dinosaur colling tower
Malevolent swan
Our last days together
heart discarded
Exercise in visual contrast
Winter to summer
Colorado State Trooper
Cyborg 2
Rafy A tutorial stock from DA
blood diamond final
open minded
Level playing field
Wolf in sheep clothing 2 green DR
PPT woman screaming DBP
suicide pistol 2
Cold Chain - for lecture on global immunization
Astronaut and politician moon earth
Shark evolution
Sheep book field v1
Police SPV 1
Dolly's Mug Shot police
truck from US
My belov'd again
Dolly first portrait 5.8.16
Knowledge power dog cat alsatian v4
Cafe No Problem
Dolly in the magic garden
Elephant greyhound race  v1
girl and cat v1
Castle in a plate
Beautiful belov'd
At Mallory Park April 2016
miniature boat 1a
Mermaid camera dolphin
Snowie, my girl, in dog heaven
elephant tusk fight back cropped
My belov'd
Old truck out West
My belov'd
rhino race
Marvyn profile 1
peace in a time of monsters DR
three trucks
Rhino and scimitar
strawberry banana
elephant in the room
One of my favourite portraits
Snowie's grave on Bunny Hill
Snowie at the rainbow bridge, waitin
Steely Gary
School kids in Freetown, 2009
Extreme wifi
Snowie at a lake in her afterlife
rich and poor
Global warming
Ambulance Route 66 US mother road
dowry ring 1
manipulate facebook
The man in Texas
Grain silo, disused, Texas
Frozen lake Colorado
Icicles  in Colorado
Polk A Dot Cafe, Route 66, 4.4.15
three trucks
dollars in pill
Old woman in Kompong Chhnang, 1991
Stephen Riley
View from inside torture centre
Snowie at the beach
Chhoeung Ek Killing Field