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My most recent work focuses on institutional racism in UK universities. I published in June 2023 work that examines how the most senior management in UK universities reinforce institutional racism to protect their institutions. It looked at how the Race Equality Charter was compromised by vested elite White interests and priorities. There are bite-sized extracts on the blog pages here. I will be consulting to a number of UK universities in 2023. 

My research began with the Cambodian peacekeeping operation in 1991 and expanded to watching the West pushing Liberal conversion therapy onto many more former colonies in the make of peacebuilding. Seeing a new era of imperialism ascendant steered me into postcolonial scholarship, whereupon, after a couple of decades of fieldwork in Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa thwarted and ended by ill-informed institutional cowardice based on invalidated risk aversion, I unintentionally joined a Business School and adapted its research agenda to my own interests. Foucault helped me explain how University Senior Management execute their will through innumerable institutional nodes, like Deans, HR departments and Security Offices. A dalliance with Bourdieu’s field theory followed, helping me interpret senior management as capturing the labour of employees of Colour, and their White allies, to repurpose antiracist agendas for corporate gain. And that, via Derrick Bell’s work on interest convergence and the permanence of racism, and Malcolm X’s transformative work, brought me to researching the elite Colour-Power Matrix evident in UK Higher Education senior management. The pedagogic outcome of this trajectory is a new module on decolonizing business studies, taught using multimedia methods that themselves decolonize the hegemonic textual pedagogy common to western Higher Education.

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