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I've been an academic for about 30 years. My research broadly concerns pedagogy and social justice, which are linked if you're a Freirean of course, and both stem from my earliest work in Cambodia, on power and international peacebuilding. There is a strong influence from postcolonial work, which framed all my later work on peace. Below are a few links to some of the work I've done I'm pleased with.



I am also interested in pedagogy, and inclusive pedagogy for dyslexic learners. I developed the use of Multimedia Learning theory into a practical formula, systematically and repeatedly tested it on neurotypical and dyslexic learners, and published the work in several peer-reviewed journals. I also published two e-Books, one for all disciplines and one specifically for Business Studies. There is substantially greater engagement to be had by matching how we teach to how our students learn: the brain is multimedia and our teaching ought to be, too. My published material in these areas has led to consulting work with a number of UK and European universities. 



My most recent work focuses on institutional racism generally, and specifically in UK universities. I conducted a national survey on what happened when an equality regime (the Race Equality Charter) came into contact with an inequality regime (senior management in UK universities). The initial findings are presented on the blog page, and I will be consulting to a number of UK universities in 2023. I believe some of my work has the potential to change things and improve teaching, and race conditions in our universities.

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